Assisted Living

Caring vs. Providing Care

Our Assisted Living Service Program is focused on nurturing residents to help them reach their maximum potential. Our staff seeks to foster independence rather than dependence, and to be sensitive to the individuality, privacy and freedom of choice to which our residents are entitled. In short, care is something we do, not simply a service we provide.

Personal Care Services

Our program generates an individually tailored service plan that supports the resident's own ability to perform activities of daily living. Services we can assist with may include:

  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Grooming
  • Toileting
  • Medication management
  • Escorting
  • Safety checks
  • Dining
  • Special services

Responding to Change

We meet the changing needs of our residents by offering a fee structure that addresses the degree of need and frequency of interaction. The resident's monthly fee may increase or decrease as their needs change. Our trained staff documents services provided, and notes trends that may demonstrate a higher level of need.

Team Work

It's a team effort that works best. In order to meet our residents' needs, we are in frequent contact with families as well as physicians, counselors or therapists to discuss any challenges we may encounter.

Assisted Living at Merrill Gardens