Touring Tips

Questions to Ask When Finding a Retirement or Assisted Living Community

  • Were you greeted promptly by front desk staff and offered assistance?
  • As you tour the building, observe staff and resident interactions. Is the staff patient and kind? Were you greeted by residents and staff as you toured?
  • Did you observe residents socializing with each other and/or attending activities? Ask a resident about their community experiences.
  • Was there an activity calendar posted or is there one in the tour packet? If so, do any of the planned activities meet your or your family member's needs?

    Touring Tips at Merrill Gardens

  • Is the building clean and odor free?
  • Are the hallways, doorways and common areas conducive for safe walking?
  • Take the time to have a meal. Is the service friendly and attentive? Are the dining hours and food choices flexible? Did the staff meet your food handling expectations?
  • Meet the General Manager and other key staff. How many staff members are scheduled throughout the day? Check on evening availability and a system for obtaining assistance 24-hours a day.
  • Ask about staff training and credentials. Is there a licensed nurse on staff? If so, how many hours per day or per week is the nurse in the building?
  • Is the most recent state survey available for review?