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2018 National Nurses Week


America has been celebrating National Nurses Week since 1996 and we are proud to recognize our nursing team every year in honor of this celebration. We want to highlight just a few of the amazing people who work at our communities, they consistently deliver compassionate care while embodying the mission of Merrill Gardens. 

Meghan Hartough-Pfeiffer, Resident Care Director at Tacoma – 

Meet Meghan Hartough-Pfeiffer, Resident Care Director at Merrill Gardens at Tacoma (WA). Meghan has been with our Tacoma community for over four years and she is a key part of the team. She is an excellent resource for residents and their families and brings so much expertise to her team.  Meghan truly has a passion for taking care of her seniors and we are lucky to have her on our team.  


Debra Gonzalez, Health Services Director at Santa Maria – 

Debra Gonzalez is the Health Services Director at Merrill Gardens at Santa Maria (CA) and has been a part of the Santa Maria team since 2008! She was recently named the Merrill Gardens Regional Community Director of the Year. Over the years, Debra has been the Garden House Director, Assisted Living Supervisor, and on occasion has overseen the entire community.

Here is what Audie Sherberg, General Manager, says about Debra's success, "Debra is responsible for the health and wellness of over 270 residents.  In addition, she directly and indirectly oversees two departments with over 60 employees.  Due to her experience and leadership skills, Debra has also supported two sister communities over this past year.”

“Debra’s abilities and strengths are critical to success at Merrill Gardens at Santa Maria. Her drive to achieve a high standard of excellence in our Health and Wellness programs is unwavering,” says Audie.

She has a keen sense of awareness and can effectively manage the multitude of responsibilities that come her way daily.

Candis Taheny, Resident Care Director at Madison – 

Candis is the Resident Care Director at Merrill Gardens at Madison (AL) and she was recently named the Merrill Gardens Community Director of the Year. We are honored to have her on our team!

Here is what Sarah Atkins, General Manager of the community, says about Candis’ success: "Candis is a leader who has a fire in her belly with one simple focus – to serve. Her passion, inquisitiveness and zeal for life is obvious the first time you meet her. She is a strong leader and a critical thinker with a great sense of humor.”

This inspiration Candis shows reflects directly on her team, they to go above and beyond care to meet the resident’s every need and want.

Usually, when you pose the question “Why do you like working at Merrill Gardens?” the response is “I love the residents.”  When the question is asked of the people who work for Candis, the response is “I have the best boss, ever!”  She is fair, consistent, and she always puts residents first.

On behalf of everyone on the team at Madison, we are honored to have the privilege of working with Candis each and every day.

Rosa Jenkins, Resident Care Director at Siena Hills – 

Rosa has been a part of the Merrill Gardens at Siena Hills (NV) team for over eight years, and she is loved by residents and team members for her wealth of experience and kind attitude. 

Rosa knew she wanted to be a nurse since she was a little girl, “My nursing career has spanned 34 years and I’ve had a wide variety of experiences, from working in the operating room to delivering babies, but my true passion lies in working with seniors. As the Resident Care Director, it is my privilege to make sure residents feel loved and cared for every day.”

Steve Hall, Resident Care Director at Green Valley Ranch – 

Meet Steve Hall, the Resident Care Director at Merrill Gardens at Green Valley Ranch (NV). He has been working with the community for almost four years. 

Previously, Steve was a military medic and emergency room nurse.  That is some great experience and Steve is a key member of the Green Valley Ranch community. Thank you for all that you do, Steve!

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