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A Day For Heroes!


Every year we take the time to celebrate those who have given their lives in order for us to enjoy the freedoms that we have here in the United States. Memorial Day is much more than a day off, it is a time for us all to appreciate everything that we have around us and the people that have made it all possible.

Our community at First Hill (WA) organized a festive barbecue with a seemingly endless amount of delicious food, festive decorations, and even some American flag-inspired clothing!

Another Washington community, Auburn, also took to the outdoors as they fired up the grills and put together some delicious meals for all of the residents and team members. We can't imagine a better way to spend the day than to be with your friends under the sun!

In West Covina (CA), residents enjoyed a Memorial Day celebration hosted by the local City Hall! One special resident, Morris, was even asked to say a few words as the only WWII veteran in the crowd and got to sit down with the Mayor during the festivities.

Our team at Shreveport (LA) kicked off their weekend with a "Slice" party as they had residents grab as much watermelon as they wanted and enjoy their favorite tunes!

One Clovis (CA) resident led a moving tribute to our fallen men and women by performing "God Bless America".

We want to say thank you to all of the incredibly brave and selfless men and women that have given their lives for our freedom. We will never be able to say thank you enough for your incredible sacrifice.

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