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Bringing Art to Life!


Merrill Gardens is pleased to partner with Meural Canvas to bring art to life for residents at our communities. 

Meural is a digital canvas with access to a curated collection of 30,000 licensed pieces of art. It is run through gesture control so residents can view art from museums around the world with just a swipe of the hand. At each community we can also share resident's personal art and photographs to showcase their talents.  In addition, we can display photos of community outings and events.  It's a very engaging and interactive way to share memories about art pieces and past travels. It's also a great way to visit far away museums from the comfort of the community.  The Meural Canvases have become a focal point in our communities.

The Merrill Gardens Meural art program was recently named a bronze award winner in the High Tech/High Touch category in the McKnight's Tech Awards competition. 

Enjoying art can help build strong relationships and creates a new way for residents to enjoy time with each other.  In addition, the American Art Therapy Association claims that art in senior living can improve quality of life by encouraging free thinking, increasing a sense of empowerment and making residents feel connected to the surrounding community they live in. 

The people who live at our communities tell us they enjoy the chance to discuss art in the moment and explore the vast array of pieces in the Meural Canvas.

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