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The ability to connect with family and friends is incredibly important, and that has never been more clear than it is right now. During this time of social distancing, everyone is searching for better ways to spend time with loved ones, and fortunately, Google has given some residents at Merrill Gardens a new way to do that.

Google is testing out new software by donating 1,000 Nest Hub Max smart displays to seven Merrill Gardens communities in Western Washington. This new experience is meant to be easier for seniors to use and can also be customized with their own shortlist of contacts. Our community in Kirkland (WA) is one of the first to receive them and we are hearing great things!

Residents Eleanor and Bob Marum have been exploring the options that the new technology brings them. They were missing their time with family and friends. 

"The telephone just doesn't do it anymore," Eleanor said.

The upgrade from a phone call to a video call was just what they needed. 

"We're well connected. We have a video meeting every Sunday with our kids. We get to have a glass of wine, see each other, and chat," said Bob.

Not only does the Nest Hub allow for easy-to-use video calling, it has also given the Marum's another outlet for entertainment. 

"Personally, I enjoy tuning in for the live symphonies, opera, and all different types of music. We also love the fun videos, it's always great to get in a nice laugh now and again," said Eleanor.

We love to see the smiles, laughs, and overall excitement that can be handed out alongside some new technology. Thank you to Google for choosing us and we can't wait to hear more rave reviews from our residents!

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