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Five Health Apps For Seniors


Maintaining your health is a daily practice. It takes time and effort to create good routines and habits, that’s part of what makes the whole process challenging. 

Fortunately there are, quite literally, a host of resources at our fingertips to help. There are hundreds of wonderful apps that can help you in countless ways — from finance to fitness, spark your creativity, help you catch the bus on time, and even keep your health goals. There’s an app for just about everything these days! Here are five of our favorites for you to consider.

MediSafe (Free)

It can be easy to lose track of our medications and forget when we’re supposed to take them. In fact 30%–50% of Americans don’t adhere to their medication prescriptions correctly.

MediSafe is a digital, “medical engagement platform” that reminds you about your pills and helps you keep track of health statistics and regimens. This app can help you track how many pills you’ve taken, when to take them, how many you have left, when you should reorder, as well as your blood pressure, weight, and other vitals. And you can sync this app with a smartwatch for even more features. This app can help you stay on top of your medication and simplify the overall process from one day to the next. 

Luminosity (Free), Brain HQ (Free), Words with Friends (Free)

Brain health is a crucial aspect of one’s overall health and wellbeing. And although the brain isn’t a muscle, like people used to believe or at least say, it does need to be worked out like one. Some cursory studies suggest that keeping an active mind may lower the risk of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. These activities can help retain and even improve memory health. 

Apps like Brain HQ and Luminosity, and games like Words with Friends, offer a fun way to keep your brain active. Ranging from brief, five-minute exercises to hour-long sessions, these apps offer workouts for your mind designed to increase memory and mindfulness, as well as cognitive ability. Games like Words with Friends have the added benefit of including a social element, as you’re playing with others, which is also great for mental and emotional health. Luminosity is used by over 100 million people and includes over 50 different games. 

MyFitnessPal (Free)

Games aren’t just for brain exercises, but the body as well. We all know how vital physical exercise is, not just for your body, but for your mental health as well. We also understand how difficult it can be to begin and keep an exercise routine going. This app can help you along that path by keeping track of your workouts, diet, caloric intake, and goals. 

MyFitnessPal can be linked with over 50 other health apps to keep everything synced, like a smartwatch, running map, and more. It offers tips and advice on achieving your goals, and offers customizability to fit your personalized needs and desired outcomes. The app is designed to tie everything together and offers a community from which to draw inspiration and guidance. It even offers recipes from diet experts that can help you achieve the level of fitness you most desire. 

Calm (Subscription), Insight Timer (Free)

Once you’ve exercised your mind and body, it’s important to rest and slow things down. Quieting our minds and practicing mindfulness can be tricky, especially with everything that goes on with our lives. 

About a third of Americans say they don’t get enough sleep each night. Poor sleep can not only affect your day-to-day life, but can also lead to health problems down the road. The Calm app provides its users with mindfulness exercises, sleep aids (from stories to music to background noises), meditation guides, and other tools to help you reduce stress and anxiety. It’s easy to use and full of great features that are regularly updated. You can take classes via the Calm app and track your mood and your stats. 

Magnifying Glass + Flashlight (Free)

It’s easy to forget your glasses somewhere. That makes this magnifying glass convenient and handy. It also includes a restaurant menu reader and prescription bottle reader, which comes in handy often. These features can make sure you’re getting the order you want and taking the right medicine. 

We live in an ever-changing, technology-filled landscape. And while that can be intimidating at times, it comes with many conveniences and offers a new platform of resources that can help you maintain wellness practices and a healthy lifestyle. Check out these helpful apps, and don’t be afraid to explore others.


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