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Hollywood Star, Dentist, and Piano Player: Meet Merrill Residents


It's hard to believe September is coming to an end. This year has been a very special one for us! In addition to getting to know some incredible residents and team members, we've been celebrating 30 years in the senior living industry as a family-owned company. As we continue to make our way through our "30 Videos For 30 Years" series, we are thrilled to release three more videos!

First up — Dr. Larry! He was a very successful dentist from Gig Harbor, WA, and he certainly accomplished more than an incredible career. Larry led a climbing expedition called the "Denali Traverse Expedition". He describes the experience, his trials and tribulations, and what it was like when he reached the top. Click below to watch this video.

Elta Blake and S Colombotto —  the most lovely couple. S talks about all of Elta's Hollywood accomplishments, how they met, and even name-drops a few very well-known people that Elta has met or worked with! 😉 Watch this video by clicking below.

You might recognize Derek at this we already shared one video getting to know him. Consider this part two —  the piano version! After speaking with Derek, we simply couldn't fit all he spoke of in one video, so we made two! This version focuses on his love for piano in retirement. He plays two, sometimes three hours per day! You can tell that it brings him so much joy and empowerment. See below for part two of Derek's video.

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