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Honoring Black History Month


At Merrill, we believe in the power of diversity and strongly support togetherness in every way that it appears. From top to bottom, we celebrate Black History Month by taking the time to actively engage with history, as well as recognizing talented Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) within our Merrill family.

Our team members set up "Quote of the Day" displays in their communities as a constant reminder of the positive change that BIPOC leaders have had in our country. A few examples from Monterey (CA), Carolina Park (SC), and First Hill (WA) can be found below!

Merrill Gardens at Monterey (CA), set up their Black History Month display in their office window.

A Black History Month display was put up on the wall at Carolina Park.

Quotes from African American historical figures were posted on the walls of First Hill

Quotes from African American historical figures were posted on the walls of First Hill

It is amazing to see the creativity in our communities as celebrations of Black History Month had so much variety. Burien (WA) recreated historical figures' favorite meals, including those of Martin Luther King Jr. and Maya Angelou, while other communities like Windsor (TX) held trivia games all month! We believe in not only learning the history, but also celebrating the incredible change that has come from it.

Team members at Woodstock (GA) take a photo together in front of the Black History Month display.

Woodstock (GA) dedicated half of a room to their Black History Month display!

We have so many incredible team members throughout our communities and wanted to recognize a few of them that were nominated for their work, as well as being outstanding people!

Jessie Mitchell, Director of Health Services

Jessie Mitchell, one of Merrill's Directors of Health Services, told us how her mom drove her to where she is today. She continues to inspire others within our family and never fails to bring a positive attitude everywhere she goes!

“Growing up, my mom always told my brother and me that there was no such thing as 'we can’t'. Her favorite saying of all-time was, ‘nothing beats a trial than a failure’, and she pushed us to be the best that we possibly could. President Obama was the first black man to become the President of one of the most powerful countries in the world and he too shared a similar philosophy as my mom. YES WE CAN! Simple yet powerful.” - Jessie Mitchell

Ibrahim Sesay, Canyon Creek's Garden House Director

We received some incredible words about our Garden House Director for Canyon Creek (UT), Ibrahim Sesay!

"The reason I chose to recognize Ibrahim is because of his loving and calm demeanor.  The gentleness he radiates when residents are in distress has a way of bringing peace to everyone around him. If I could use one word to describe Ibrahim it would be angelic." - De'Sandra Simmons, Merrill Assisted Living Director

Omeshia Cooke, Guest Services Director at The Summit at Glen Mills (PA)

Omeshia Cooke, Guest Services Director at The Summit at Glen Mills (PA), has her impact felt every day through her uplifting and bright attitude!

"She brings sunshine and laughter to the team and residents. She ensures that customer service is top-notch in the community and residents are always in good spirits. Her laughter and humor are contagious and we are all so grateful to have her on the team!" - Angie Conklin, Regional Vice President of Operations

We could go on and on about all of our incredible leaders in the Merrill family, but we simply want to say how appreciative we are to have such amazing team members and residents! Black History Month is so much more than just learning and recognizing the past, but also continuing to grow together and progress into the future. 

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