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Indoor Summer Activities for Seniors


Summer is associated with rising temperatures which can make it challenging to enjoy outdoor outings. Here are a few suggestions for indoor alternatives.

Virtual Museum Experiences

By blending technology with interactive art activities, seniors can bring the museum experience to their homes. Here are three virtual museums and cultural exhibits worth exploring:

Play Indoor Games

Board and card games are fun and also help seniors stay mentally engaged and socially active. Scientific studies have even shown that activities like these may reduce the risk of dementia.

Examples of games seniors can play indoors include:

  • Puzzle games

  • Chess

  • Card games

  • Scrabble

  • Pool

Culinary Adventures

If your loved ones enjoy cooking, encourage them to try out new recipes. Cooking provides a sense of purpose and accomplishment, according to research by Psychology Today.

Summer offers an excellent opportunity to experiment with a wide range of fresh and affordable produce. Not the best chef? No problem. Meal subscriptions boxes can provide a step-by-step template for making amazing meals. 

Reading and Learning for Mental Stimulation

Reading is an excellent way to keep the mind sharp and engaged. Seniors can choose books that match their interests, whether fiction or nonfiction. To read new titles, they can borrow books from the local library or order them online from their favorite bookseller.

To learn even more, seniors can also take advantage of online classes offered by local libraries, or explore podcasts that provide new perspectives. 


Photography is an engaging hobby, even for people who have never held a camera before. A novice photographer can start by capturing images of loved ones, pets or objects around their house. This hobby encourages creativity and allows seniors to share their memories.

FaceTime and Video Calls

Social connection plays a critical role in maintaining a healthy mind. Seniors can schedule virtual visits with friends and family through video conferencing tools like Zoom and Skype. Although physically distanced, seniors can still engage in meaningful conversations and strengthen relationships with family and friends.

Being indoors doesn't have to mean boredom! Stay cool this summer and have fun with your favorite indoor activities. 


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