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Making The Move To Senior Living


Making the move to senior living can be stressful, but Merrill Gardens is here to help. Keep reading for some tips on how to ease the transition!

Know what’s important

Start out by making a list of amenities that are important to you. There are a lot of senior living communities out there and they come in all shapes and sizes. Be diligent in your search and think about your budget, the distance of the community from your loved ones, and the availability of the services that you value. Here are a few key pointers to think about:

  1. Involve your loved ones – your children, family members, or friends may play an active role in your decision! While they can be helpful, don’t make the mistake of leaving the choice entirely up to someone else – your input is critical.

  2. Consider your future needs – remember that this may change over time. If you are moving to a community that provides excellent services for independent senior living, make sure to determine what they can offer regarding assisted living and memory care, should you need those services in the future.

  3. Proximity isn’t the only consideration – the community you choose should be close to where your loved ones live, however, this isn’t the only factor to consider. A community that provides a better fit but is a little further away could still be a great option!

Visit the community

While you can get a lot of good information online (virtual tour, list of amenities, etc.), it is important to schedule a personal tour with a community representative to gather your own information! Visit at least three options you are interested in so you can make the choice that is the best fit for you.

Another important consideration is the morale and attitude of the team members. Are they cheerful? Welcoming? Observe team member and resident interaction. Are they patient and kind with the residents? Also, make it a point to meet the manager and key team members.

Seek professional moving help

When you are in the process of moving to a senior living community, your instinct may be to do it alone. Hiring consultants or advisors may seem expensive, but they can introduce new and effective downsizing strategies.

Consider these tips:

  • Hire a financial planner: There are financial advisors that specialize in helping seniors. A capable and experienced advisor can help you preserve your wealth and guide you on how to best utilize your savings.

  • Downsizing expert: When you are moving from your home to a senior living community, it usually isn’t possible to take all of your belongings with you. A downsizing expert can help you decide what to leave behind, sell, and take with you.

  • Moving support: A senior move manager can make the process of relocation much easier! Get professional help in your area by visiting the National Association of Senior Move Managers.

Donate items you no longer need

Before moving to a senior living community, you will have to decide what to do with furniture and other possessions you no longer need. Many communities encourage seniors to bring along personal items – but donate the items that give you the opportunity to declutter your living space.

The bottom line

Are you ready to move to a senior living community? The answer to this question will depend upon your specific circumstances. Moving can result in a vast improvement in your quality of life because of the availability of the amenities that are available. For others, it could be a lifestyle choice. If you do plan to move to a senior living community, make sure to review all your options.

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