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A resident couple out for a walk at Merrill Gardens.

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Meet Merrill Residents: Deeny, Shelly, and Gene


We are officially in our last month of 2023, which means our "30 Videos For 30 Years" series will be coming to an end! We hope you have enjoyed getting to know some of our residents and team members as much as we have. As we finish up this series, we wanted to share three more videos with you — meet Deeny, Shelly, and Gene. 

First up, a resident who graduated college at 61 years old. Our favorite piece of knowledge that Deeny shares is "Education is one thing that no one can ever take from you. It expands your world around you, makes you understand different people and religions. It just expands your whole world." If you enjoy learning or have been dreaming of going back to school, let Deeny be proof that it is possible to do anything! 

Next up — Shelly! He radiates positive energy and you can't help but smile while watching this video! Shelly is a resident ambassador at Merrill Gardens at Woodstock in Woodstock, GA and is incredibly involved in the community. He has such a genuine heart and encourages everyone to "...just do the right thing."

Last, but certainly not least, is Gene! A resident at Merrill Gardens at Sheldon Park in Eugene, OR, he used to be an avid surfer. In fact, he enjoyed surfing on the Oregon Coast all the way into his 60s! Get to know more about Gene by watching this video.

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for a few more videos as we wrap up "30 Videos For 30 Years" in 2023!

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