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Meet Our Team - Caregiver Highlight


We love to celebrate team members who are enjoying a long and fulfilling career with us.  This month we recognize a very special caregiver.  Beth started with Merrill Gardens in 2004 and we are happy to say she has been with us ever since.  For the past 10 years she has been at our Renton Centre community in Washington State. 

Beth was recently promoted to a senior caregiver position and is currently working to complete her nursing school courses to become a registered nurse.

“Beth has been with us since our community first opened and she provides excellent care for our residents. She knows everyone and residents often seek her out,” said Shelley Thompson, General Manager of Merrill Gardens at Renton Centre

A few interesting tidbits about Beth are that she is originally from the Philippines and she considers herself a ‘gym rat’. She has even thought about entering some competitions, and has inspired many of her co-workers to get more exercise and eat healthier!

She recently adopted an adorable puppy named Lexie, Beth brings her to visit our community often, and she entertains guests and residents.

“Beth walks through our doors every day with a positive attitude and a great smile,” said Shelley Thompson.

Team members from other departments trust her judgment and see how well she works within all aspects of the Renton Centre community. She brings a sense of cohesiveness to the way Renton Centre integrates the lifestyle programming for residents.

Beth enjoys being a part of the Merrill Gardens team simply because she loves caring for our residents. She is known as a mentor and leads by example every day. Beth is currently in her second quarter of nursing school as we wish her good luck on her journey to become a registered nurse!



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