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Raise the Roof!


No matter where you find yourself in the world, music is one of the few languages that can transcend all barriers and brighten anyone's day. Our Merrill Gardens communities used this to their advantage as they found their own special ways to bring live music to their residents!

Our team at The Pines (CA) surprised their residents during a recent happy hour with a door-to-door violin concert. The performance had it all, including impressive music, high energy, and of course, a cowboy!

The team at Monterey (CA) found a talented local singer, Chris Pucci, to put on an outdoor concert for the community. Not only does it sound amazing, he also covered a wide range of genres for everyone to enjoy.

At our First Hill (WA) community we received a video of our team going door-to-door giving residents their very own personal concert. It's great to see everyone get in on the fun as they clap along!

We want to encourage everyone to use music as a way to brighten someone's day in their own lives. Whether you can sing, play an instrument, or simply just want to share your favorite songs, take some time out to give a bit of happiness to the ones you care about!

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