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Santa Maria Takes First Place


Gardening is so much more than just watering plants and providing sunlight, it takes patience, teamwork, and a great deal of care. The folks who live at Merrill Gardens at Santa Maria (CA) know all about what it takes to grow an incredible garden, as they have been awarded Eldergrow's National Happiest and Healthiest Garden Award!

With over 200 gardens competing, across 22 states, Santa Maria set themselves apart with their gorgeous garden shown below.

Eldergrow, an award-winning Seattle-based company, uses therapeutic gardening as a tool to enrich the lives of residents across hundreds of communities. They provide expert educators that lead fun-filled classes surrounding horticulture, culinary, and garden art. These classes not only produce beautiful gardens, they also provide physical and mental benefits as well!

After winning the award, the residents at Santa Maria saw that the garden was overgrown and needed to thin it out. Over this last week they have removed plants, replanted new ones, and are excited to see their garden flourish once again under their green thumbs!

It's amazing to see what love and care can blossom, and we are excited to see what comes next. We hope you can find time this week to spend in nature, and maybe even start a garden of your own!

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