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A resident couple out for a walk at Merrill Gardens.

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Spreading The Holiday Cheer!


As the cold weather rolls in and the last leaves fall, we begin to look forward to the holidays that are just around the corner! Along with those holidays comes the annual Merrill Gardens Holiday Card Contest!

Each year we turn to the amazing artists living in our communities to submit their best artwork, in the hopes that it is chosen as the cover of our nationally distributed holiday card. With all of the incredible art that we receive, it would be impossible to decide on our own so we reach out to all of you to help us pick! After receiving an overwhelming number of incredible submissions, we narrowed it down to the top 13 cards and would love for you to vote for your favorites. Please click here to cast your vote!

If you'd like to check out a few of our past winners continue to scroll down!

In 2016, our winner was this cute snowman from Kay Edwards at Merrill Gardens at Kirkland (WA).


In 2018, the chosen winner was a couple of adorable snowmen skiing in the spring! We still love this art from Daisy Ching, at Merrill Gardens at Renton Centre (WA).

Our most recent winner came from Helen Fung, out of Merrill Gardens at Rockridge (CA). Don't the trees and swirls of snow just make you want to cuddle up next to the fire with a hot cup of tea?

There are so many incredible pieces of artwork that have been sent in and we can't wait to see who are winners are this year! Please go vote and help us decide!

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