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Spring Cleaning Time!


As you go through life, it is very common to collect a lot of stuff! From childhood mementos, to keepsakes from your travels, or things from when your kids were growing up. Sometimes it can get to a point where it starts to feel overwhelming, especially when you are downsizing.

If you're thinking about downsizing before you begin a transition to senior living, we hope these tips will help you declutter and provide peace of mind . 

Go through all of your things, yes, all of them

Marie Kondo, a famed organization expert, recommends going through every single thing that you have. Then, you must hold it up and ask yourself, “Does this spark joy?”. If the item does not give you joy, then it’s not something that you should keep for yourself. But if it does, then it’s likely something you should hold onto. Click here to learn more about this method of decluttering.

You can start by category. For instance, you can start with your wardrobe, then move on to your books, then collectibles, and so on. It's recommend that you continue this until you’ve gone through all of your possessions.

Break it down into groups

After going through each item, you’ll most likely end up with two or three groups.

1. The first group is what you keep

2. The second is what you give away

3. The third is what you sell

A great way to expedite this process is to make it a family activity. Have your children and grandchildren come over for the day and help you go through everything. Your grandkids might even find treasures and memories in the items you'd otherwise discard!

Everything has a home

Now that you’re left with only the things that give you joy, you can designate spaces for them in your new home! Make sure to keep items organized, and similar items together. For instance, all your books can go in one part of your home, and all your socks could go in one drawer, not several drawers.

On to the next chapter!

It can be hard to let go of things, especially possessions that may have been in your life for years. However, it’s beneficial both physically and mentally to remove things in your life that aren’t giving you joy. You can clear space for the things that matter most to you while letting go of the things that could be hindering.

As you move on to your next chapter in life, having an organized living environment will help keep you happy and free of stress!

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