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​​​​​​​Summer Reading Recommendations for Seniors


Reading is a great pastime cherished by many, but did you know it offers numerous health benefits for seniors? Not only does it protect cognitive health, but it also promotes better sleep, contributing to an overall better wellbeing. 

Here’s a list of captivating book titles to end the summer with! 

"The Five-Star Weekend" by Elin Hilderbrand

From the pen of Elin Hilderbrand, one of the most famous authors of summer beach reads, comes the tale of Hollis Shaw. After a turn of events, Hollis' life is turned upside down. To reclaim her life and find solace, she organizes a five-star weekend—reuniting with her best friends from her teens, twenties, thirties, and the present day. Prepare for a heartwarming journey of friendship and self-discovery.

"Lessons in Chemistry" by Bonnie Garmus

Released to great acclaim in 2022, this story will have you laughing out loud. Meet Elizabeth Zott, a brilliant chemist stuck on an all-male team at the Hastings Research Institute in the early 1960s. Facing the prevailing bias against women, Elizabeth accidentally finds herself as the star of a beloved cooking show called "Supper at Six." Get ready to be entertained by her hilarious adventures in this delightful debut novel.

"The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules" by Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg

In this whimsical tale, a group of seniors decide they've had enough of early bedtimes and embark on a daring adventure to reclaim their independence through an audacious robbery. Join their comedy of errors as they navigate unexpected twists and turns, keeping readers engaged until the very last page.

"A Man Called Ove" by Fredrik Backman

Step into the world of Ove, a lonely man hiding behind a tough exterior, earning him the reputation of the bitter neighbor. Everything changes when a chatty young family with children moves in next door. A blend of humor and heartbreak, this novel explores the power of intergenerational friendship, reminding us of the importance of connecting with our neighbors and finding joy in unexpected places.This book was also adapted into a movie titled “A Man Called Otto” starring Tom Hanks. 

"Rules for Aging: A Wry and Witty Guide to Life" by Roger Rosenblatt

Offering a wry sense of humor, Roger Rosenblatt, a commentator on the PBS NewsHour, shares practical advice for those seeking to live longer and fuller lives. A great read for those of all ages. 

What Books Are You Excited to Read This Summer?

Whether your taste leans towards heartwarming tales of friendship, uproarious comedies, or contemplative adventures, the assortment mentioned above caters to all preferences.

Let the pages turn and the stories unfold, bringing you endless hours of enjoyment and enrichment. Happy reading!

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