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A resident couple out for a walk at Merrill Gardens.

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Taking Flight to Celebrate 90!


As Wayne Adams was getting ready to celebrate his 90th birthday, his daughter asked him what he would like to do. .

"I want to do something different," he said.  "I think I'd like to skydive."

Adams, a retired pastor who lives at Merrill Gardens at Monterey, did just that, strapping on a parachute and taking to the sky. 

Wayne also decided to tie his skydiving experience to a charity he supports.  Seeds in the Garden provides care for orphaned children in Kenya.  The charity is run by Wayne's daughter and he is working to raise $90,000 to support a young boy named Luke who is living at the orphanage and has a number of health issues that will require a lifetime of care. 

Wayne was accompanied on his big jump by his two grandsons and his son-in-law. His fellow Merrill Gardens residents and team members also supported him.  The picture below is Wayne with Merrill Gardens Active Living Program Director Ruby Perez before his jump.

The local news station in Monterey was there to record the event and you can watch their story here.  Happy Birthday Wayne - what a terrific way to leap into your 90's! 

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