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A resident couple out for a walk at Merrill Gardens.

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The Story of Bingo the Budgie


Bingo the Budgie (short for Budgerigar or more commonly known as Parakeet) literally flew into our community in Santa Maria, CA one day nearly two years ago. 

The community called the local animal shelter and reported the lost bird and a representative from the shelter came to retrieve him. But when he saw that the sweet Budgie was enjoying life at Merrill Gardens, already spoiled with love and attention, he agreed that the community should foster the bird until his owner showed up. 

The little bird quickly settled in at Merrill Gardens and when no one came to claim him, he officially became a member of the community. It took awhile to find just the right name for the new community resident and there were lots of suggestions, but they finally agreed to call him Bingo.  Why Bingo?  Because the little bird chirps the loudest during the community bingo games!    

Bingo is a popular member of the Santa Maria community, residents and team members like to stop by his cage to say hello and they all pitch in to care for him. Bingo doesn’t talk (yet!) but he chirps, chuckles, buzzes, whistles, coos and squeaks.

Bingo at Santa Maria 

Recently a team member discovered that Bingo had been injured, somehow the band on his leg had gotten entangled on his swing. They rushed Bingo to the veterinarian and discovered that his right leg was broken and would need to be amputated. The procedure to save Bingo was costly but everyone agreed they had to do what was necessary to save their little friend.  The community held a number of fundraisers to cover the cost of his surgery and we are pleased to report that Bingo is now fully recovered and happily back at Merrill Gardens. Bingo quickly returned to his old ways, keeping everyone amused with his friendly chirping. 

 Here he is with a few residents celebrating Mardi Gras!

Bingo at Santa Maria

We think Bingo is one brave little bird and we are so happy to see him back in his home at Merrill Gardens at Santa Maria.

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