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Yes You Can: The Power of Meaningful Connections


Turning 25 is a big deal!  As we celebrate Merrill Gardens 25th anniversary, we are reflecting on the importance of the connections we've made over the years. For us, there is nothing that matters more.  

Whether it's the residents who live with us (over 60,000 residents over the past 25 years!) or the team members who work with us, it all comes down to those connections. We believe that is our legacy.

We strive to be a company that takes a stand for something meaningful. We ask ourselves: How do you want to be remembered? To answer that question and to commemorate our 25th anniversary, we set out to create something special. It's a focus on Yes You Can - a program designed to inspire people to reflect on gratitude and to encourage them to share that gratitude with the people in their lives.

This video is the beginning of our focus on gratitude and connections. It’s not a video about Merrill Gardens – it's about celebrating the beauty of human connection. We take a deeper look into the impact of meaningful relationships among the people around us. We brought people together to find out how connecting with one another can make a difference. For these people who have experienced the impact of a deep connection, we asked why bringing out the best in each other is worthwhile.

“Some of the people we featured in the video are residents and team members from our communities and others are individuals who inspire us,” says Amanda Warren, Director of Marketing. “Each person brings their own special message and we are proud to share their stories. We learned from each of them that Yes You Can make a difference every day.”

We brought together this group of mentors and mentees to exchange a few words of gratitude, to show just how much of an impact an individual can make in someone’s life. The human connection we witnessed is strong and beautiful. You can watch the video here:

Each of the mentors and mentees share a special relationship that we wanted to highlight. The gratitude cards are a beautiful way to show how much someone means to you. We hope they inspire you to reach out to someone who has made an impact in your life and let them know how much they mean to you.

We will be focusing on sharing gratitude over the next year as we facilitate activities at our communities and continue to tell stories of connection with our video series. Upcoming videos will take a deeper look at these special relationships and the people behind the stories. 

We are so proud of our 25 years as a family company and we celebrate the joys of connection with friendships born and generations served. We thank those who’ve inspired our progress. Let’s continue to bring out the best in one another. We really believe that Yes You Can.  

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