COVID-19 Update:

Merrill Gardens at Lafayette

Update May 29:

We are pleased to continue to report no confirmed cases of the virus at the community at this time.

Update May 21:

There are no new cases of the virus at the community at this time.  Thank you to our residents and team members for continuing to follow our Enhanced Resident Protection Protocol.  

Update May 9:

We want to provide an update to the resident and team member testing.  Those tests came back negative, including the resident who had previously tested positive for the virus.  As you may recall, we also reported that there were three resident tests that were listed as compromised and those residents needed to be tested again.  We have now received the results of those additional tests and one of the residents tested positive.  The other two tests were negative.

The resident who tested positive is not experiencing any symptoms of the virus and will self-isolate in their apartment for the quarantine period.  Our team will take all the necessary precautions during this time and we are also in touch with anyone who may have come in contact with this individual. It is important to note that no other residents or team members are reporting symptoms of the virus at this time.

As a reminder, our Enhanced Resident Protection Protocol remains in place and we appreciate your cooperation in following this protocol.

Update May 6:

To All Residents, Family Members and Team Members,

We want to share some good news with you today.  We have received the test results from the resident and team member testing performed last week, and we are pleased to report that all the tests that were administered came back negative for COVID-19.  In addition, the resident who had previously tested positive has now tested negative for the virus. There were three tests that were somehow compromised during the process and just to be on the safe side those individuals will be tested again.

We also want to extend our deep appreciation to Dr. Hwang and Dr. Candell for performing the tests so quickly. The support of these physicians and the coalition led by the Vice Mayor of the City of Lafayette means the world to us. 

We want to extend our sincere appreciation to our residents for their cooperation in getting this testing done. We are hopeful that this gives residents and family members some peace of mind knowing that the community is currently free of the virus. We do want to throw in a note of caution and remind everyone that while this news is extremely positive, we must remain vigilant in the fight against this virus.  Our Enhanced Resident Protection Protocol remains in place for now and we will keep you posted as we explore new operational opportunities.

Update May 4:

We have completed the COVID-19 testing for residents and team members and we are awaiting results.  We want to thank everyone who partnered with us to acquire and implement the testing.

Update April 27: 

We want to let you know that we have learned that a resident at the community has tested positive for COVID-19.  This individual was not experiencing any symptoms and was tested for the virus as part of an unrelated pre-surgical precaution.  Currently the resident remains asymptomatic and is in self-isolation at the community.  We are reaching out to anyone who may have been in contact with this individual and our community team is taking all necessary precautions, including wearing full Personal Protective Equipment, when interacting with this resident.  We are sure you join us in wishing the resident well.

It is important to note that no other residents and no team members have tested positive for the virus.

We have partnered with a coalition led by the Vice Mayor of the City of Lafayette and two local physicians that will allow us to test all residents and team members at the community for COVID-19.  This is voluntary on the part of residents and team members as to whether they choose to participate.  There is no cost for residents or team members for the testing.

The swab test will be conducted at the community on Friday, May 1 by Dr. Yenjean Hwang, an infectious disease specialist and Dr. Brian Candell, who specializes in internal medicine. Staff from StatMed, our local Urgent Care facility, will also be participating in the testing. The test is quick and relatively pain free. We know that many people do not show symptoms of the virus and knowledge is power.  By testing everyone at the community, we can determine if anyone is positive and act accordingly. 

If you have any specific questions, please reach out to our community leadership team.  We will continue to provide updates as necessary.