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​​​​​​​A Day in the Life of a Senior Living Resident


The day in the life of a senior living resident can be filled with a range of activities that help them stay engaged, stay active, and stay connected with others. Here’s what a typical day at a senior living community could look like with Jane, an 80-year-old retired teacher.

Morning: A healthy start

Jane wakes up early in the morning, feeling refreshed after a good night's sleep in her cozy apartment. She gets dressed and heads down to the dining room for breakfast. Here, she is greeted by a friendly server who takes her order for coffee, eggs, and toast. Jane enjoys chatting with her friends in the dining room, who are also residents of the community.

After breakfast, Jane heads to the activity room for her morning exercise class. Today, she is participating in chair yoga, which is perfect for her because it is low impact and gentle on her joints, but also provides a good stretch and challenge. She finds the class both invigorating and relaxing, and it helps her start her day off right.

Next, Jane stops by the bistro and grabs a cup of coffee, followed by a visit to the game room for a friendly game of Scrabble. She enjoys the mental stimulation of the game and the chance to catch up with her friends. Jane has been an avid Scrabble player for years and is always happy to find someone to play with.

An afternoon to enjoy

Around midday, Jane heads back to the dining room for lunch. She orders a salad and sandwich and enjoys the chef's homemade soup of the day (chicken tortilla, her favorite). She finds that the dining room is a great place to meet new people and make new friends. She enjoys chatting with other residents.

After lunch, Jane spends some time in the library, browsing through the shelves and selecting a few books to read. She enjoys the quiet atmosphere of the library and the chance to lose herself in a good book.

In the afternoon, Jane hops on the community bus to take a ride to Target. Once she gets back, she attends a lecture about state history. She then joins some of her friends for a cup of tea in the community lounge, where they chat and catch up on the day's events.

Dinner and evening activities

As the day winds down, Jane visits the dining room for dinner. There are plenty of comfort foods, such as lasagna and chicken pot pie, alongside nutritious fruits and veggies. She chats with her friends before returning to her apartment to rest and relax.

Jane enjoys the peacefulness of her surroundings and the sense of security that comes from living in a senior living community. She spends some time reading on her apartment balcony and then heads to bed, knowing she has had a fulfilling and enjoyable day.

No two days are the same for senior living residents

A day in the life of a senior living resident, as you have seen from Jane's routine, can be filled with a wide range of activities. From exercise and classes, to game nights, lectures, and meals with friends, there’s so much to do. Every day, the residents have a chance to join as few —or as many—daily activities as they choose. These activities help them stay active, engaged, and connected with others, making life in a senior living community a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

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