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Celebrating Women's History Month!


From top to bottom, the Merrill family is full of strong female leadership and a long list of incredible stories and accomplishments. For Women's History Month our communities wanted to shine a light on the achievements of women around the world, as well as sharing the stories of the heroes that they have right in their own backyard.

Our team at Barkley Place (FL) highlighted a team member as well as two residents!

Louise has been a team member at Barkley Place for 27 years and continues to be the life of the party wherever she goes! She is always upbeat and spreads smiles every day.

Barkley Place team member Louise has worked for the community for 27 years!

Gayle and Mary are community favorites and are both retired military members!

Gayle served in the Air Force from 1963-65, married a career military man, and has traveled all over the world! She continues to share amazing stories of her adventures.

Gayle, Barkley Place resident, poses with her military photo from the 1960s.

Mary served in the Army Air Core for two years as a seamstress and fitted soldiers throughout World War II. She married a fighter pilot and enjoyed 74 years of marriage!

Mary, resident at Barkley Place, poses with a photo of her and her husband from their time in the military.

At Gilroy (CA) our team members set up celebration walls filled with pictures and information for residents to enjoy. They also brought in some entertainment as a local musician came out to put on a concert for the community! 

Residents at Gilroy read the historical women's bios posted on the walls of the community.

One of the many Women's History Month posters.

Residents at The University (WA) were surrounded by Women's History Month festivities as notable female leaders were displayed across the walls and tables. On top of the new decorations, the women of the community were treated to a celebratory lunch which included a delicious meal, small gift, and time to share stories!

Women's History Month bios and photos displayed on the counters.

Women's History Month bios and photos displayed on the counters.

We are so lucky to have some truly inspiring women as part of our Merrill family. We hope you take the time to appreciate and recognize the incredible women around you! 

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