30 Videos For 30 Years

This year we are celebrating 30 years in the senior living industry as a family-owned company! To recognize this momentous occasion, we will be creating 30 videos throughout 2023 – these videos will shine a spotlight on resident stories, team members, and more. Our first video in the series highlights some “pearls of wisdom” that we have received from residents throughout the years. See below for the rest of our videos, and check back regularly to see more throughout the year!

Meet Tex

If you are from the Pacific Northwest, it's likely you are familiar with Emerald City Smoothie. Meet resident of Merrill Gardens at Auburn (WA) and the founder, Tex — in retirement, he started a smoothie shop. To say he was successful would be an understatement!

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Meet Ethel

A resident of Merrill Gardens at Brentwood (CA), Ethel was born in 1919, meaning she has over a century of knowledge! She has a great piece of advice for the world and talks about what makes her proud. Watch this video to learn more about Ethel.

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Meet Charles

Charles, resident at Merrill Gardens at Renton Centre (WA), sailed around the world one and a half times throughout four years. He describes it as "an adventure of a lifetime", shares some of his favorite memories, and tells us his favorite place he visited.

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Meet Tony

Former NASA employee, Texan, Merrill Gardens at Renton Centre (WA) resident, and most importantly, family man. Interviewing Tony was a treat for us; his passion for his career and family was so evident in every answer he gave. 

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Meet Ray

Once a cowboy, always a cowboy. Ray started in the rodeo at the age of 16 — in bull riding to be specific. We had the pleasure of interviewing Ray in his apartment at Merrill Gardens at Auburn (WA) to give you an idea of his fierce love for the sport.

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Meet Peggy

Have you ever met someone who climbed Mount Fuji? If not, Peggy, resident at Merrill Gardens at Renton Centre (WA), will tell you all about it. Peggy shares some great advice — make sure you only climb Mount Fuji once, not twice!

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Meet Darlene and Jerry

This incredible couple lives at Merrill Gardens at Tacoma (WA). They met at the community and fell in love! Next thing Darlene knew, Jerry was talking about getting married — and the rest is history. Hear them tell their story in this video.

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Meet Patricia

We're not sure about you, but we are a sucker for a good thriller movie or crime podcast. We interviewed Pat, who is a resident at Merrill Gardens at Tacoma (WA) and was a criminal Private Investigator for over 10 years. 

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Meet Ron

Ron, resident of Merrill Gardens at Renton Centre (WA), worked in the Washington State Patrol for 27 years. Ron worked incredibly hard in his career, but as he says in the video, "my family got me through it.".

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