Active Living

Piano at Merrill Gardens senior living communities

Active Living Makes For a Dynamic Life.

Life at Merrill Gardens is anything but passive. Active, engaged lifestyles are the key to happy lives - especially for seniors. We put our focus and enthusiasm into giving residents as many choices as possible for keeping as busy as they want to be.

Every one of our communities boasts a dedicated Active Living Director who oversees a full activities calendar. Activities are driven by the interests and requests of our residents, and we’re always glad we asked! Chair yoga, giant crosswords, day trips, ice cream socials, skits, strength training, movies, bingo, swimming, wine and cheese tastings, catholic communion, TED talks, scenic drives, pet therapy, bread baking, national food day celebrations, jazz concerts, Bible studies, and picnics are just a few of the things going on in any given week. The only complaint seems to be that residents just don't have time to fit it all in!

Exercise equipment at Merrill Gardens senior living community

Our activities represent a full range of physical, social, mental, and spiritual opportunities. Whether packed or with just two participants, we count anything a success that keeps our residents active.

We think you’ll find that life gets bigger here, not smaller.

Be social at Merrill Gardens senior living communities

Our Hero! 

We are so proud of our team member Ru Uzegbu - she was honored with a national Argentum Hero Award.  This award recognizes ideal representatives of the hundreds of thousands of people working in senior living around the country. 

Watch our video to see how Ru makes a difference every day.

Meural Art Program 

Our award winning Meural program brings the world of art to our communities.  With just a flip of your wrist, you can enjoy pictures and photographs from thousands of museums, local artists and residents.


Residents love indulging their green thumbs with our popular indoor gardening program